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Download EPO data

This area allows subscribers to download weekly batches of raw data.

The batches are password-protected. In order to subscribe to one of the products, please contact

Details about the contents of each service are available on the "Raw data products and test data" page, layout descriptions on the "Manuals" page.

Public area

Product DTD/Schema repository
Last update 12.4.2019
Description Most recent DTDs and schemas for EPO bulk data sets. For more information contact

Product ECLA Nov. 2012
Last update 15.4.2020
Description This is the last version of the European Classification scheme before CPC was introduced in January 2013.

Product Free resources
Last update 27.8.2019
Description NEW (August 2019): TLS207_PERS_APPLN table created scripts to remove person names in non-Latin characters. Also available: - PATSTAT sample files to be used for testing, based on the 2018 Autumn version.

Product Public files
Last update 22.12.2017
Description Free CPC-related files

Product Samples of bulk data sets
Last update 19.7.2018
Description This section contains EPO bulk data product samples as well as production files of a certain week. For questions about these products, contact

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